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Brand Videos

Convey your message with clarity and creativity

Tell your unique brand story through the use of a brand video and make it clear for your clients who you are and what problem you can help them solve.

Promotional Videos

Catch the attention of new clients

Quick and effective video content meant to stand out amongst other brands. Promotional videos are a necessity to market your business online.

Short Form Content

QUICK Messaging For Maximum Impact

Whether it's for social media, advertisements, or promotional campaigns, our video production team tailors content to suit each platform's unique demands. From TikTok to Instagram Reels, we optimize visuals to ensure maximum impact, engagement, and shareability.

Testimonial Videos

Build Trust and PROVE your vaLUe

Grow confidence in your brand through engaging video testimonials. Allow your clients to hear first-hand from real individuals about how your company solved a problem for them.

Documentary Films

Tell your story with a cinematic film

We will craft a compelling documentary film that will elevate your brand message or highlight an event. We work closely ensure the film resonates and leaves a lasting impression.

Find out how Double Take Video can help your brand stand out!

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